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"people oriented" management concept

companies concerned about the growth of staff, the implementation of career development plan, provide a wide range of training and development opportunities, and to create a fair competitive environment for employees. for the employees of the company to provide perfect welfare treatment, the welfare of the endowment insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, housing fund and other provisions of the state, in addition to the annual tourism, accident insurance, housing subsidies, commuter allowance, marriage celebrates the gold, birth he gold company welfare.

we use the standard is: follow the "honesty, learning, innovation, excellence" corporate culture, have good learning ability and habit; have good work attitude, proactive; good communication skills and team spirit; the desire for success, a spirit of innovation.

matsuo china mission:

for the chinese paint, photovoltaic enterprises to provide world-class products and the most professional services for the development of china's paint industry and strive to create a brilliant future with china's many paint companies.

matsuo chinese vision:

to enhance management level of specialization and for customers to provide a full range of value-added services based on, to become the top 3 of the chinese paint industry raw materials agents, at the same time, through the strategic investment and business extension, the cultivation and development of new materials, electronic products, machinery and equipment, and other emerging strategic business, become with the internationalization of comprehensive strength and competitive advantage of large enterprise groups.

enterprise culture:

honesty: honesty and trustworthiness, for the people of the. the enterprise to the staff, to the customer, to the partner, to the society to keep the promise.

study: want to learn, to learn, to learn, love to learn.

innovation: to stimulate innovation and vitality, and enhance the innovative power, which will also be matsuo china to ensure that employees and the sustainable development of power sources.

excellence: this is our goal is unremittingly, every loose end employees of the goal, the ultimate success of the target enterprise chinese matsuo.