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tianjin maisuo horsonse trading co., ltd. was established in september 2008, the loose end in the north of china company, is mainly responsible for north china and northeast of the market development and customer service.

     tianjin maisuo horsonse trading co., ltd., formerly known as tianjin synthetic signal line chemical co., ltd., founded in 2008 after to undertake the tianjin of most of the business, by virtue of years with supplier closely with us a professional, unity, aggressive sales team, will certainly to be able to for our customers to provide better products, to create greater value.

     tianjin maisuo horsonse trading co., ltd. is a comprehensive trading company, currently focused on chemical industry business, and good cooperation with the industry several well-known multinational companies, including:

     1) japan toyo aluminium toyal zhaoqing co. ltd.:

     super type aluminum paste, silver aluminum paste, aluminum paste, silver flashing aluminum paste,

     standard aluminum paste, floating aluminum paste, resin coated aluminum paste, water aluminum paste;

     white aluminum paste, silver aluminum paste, aluminum paste, flashing imitation plating aluminum paste

     (2) the united states omg special chemical co., ltd. (omg-borchers assistant):

     associative thickener, non associative thickener, wetting and dispersing agent, sizing agent,

     silicone additive, dewatering agent, degassing / anti foaming agent, anti scaling agent / antioxidant,

     drying agent, catalyst, anti adhesion agent, other functional additives

     3) asahi group:

     standard hdi, functional hdi, water hdi

     4) japan mitsubishi li yang co., ltd.:

     thermosetting resin, thermosetting resin, thermoplastic resin

     5) group matsuo-horsense&nsg:

     wax additives & banxiaozi glass powder

     6) toa-dic zhangjiagang chemical co. ltd.:

     uv monomer

     7) nuplex resin co. ltd.:

     coating, construction industry, printing ink

     8) japan optical research industry co ltd:
     pearlescent pigment, solvent

     9) aekyung chemical

     the above products are mainly used in various types of coatings, such as automotive oem coatings, automotive refinish, general industrial paint, plastic paint, wood coatings, anti-corrosion coatings and inks, adhesives and other industries. we also cultivate and new energy, environmental protection and other emerging strategic business development, make tianjin matsuo become with comprehensive strength and competitive advantage and the internationalization of large companies.

     tianjin matsuo strive to become a social responsibility, so that customers can enjoy high-quality service, let the staff respected company. we sincerely invite all over the world to join and cooperate with the relevant suppliers of raw materials, combined with our team and improve the sales network, as always, committed to the development of china's paint industry!