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     chongqing maisuo horsonse trading co., ltd. was formally established in 2008, is mainly in southwest northwest professional engaged in coating raw material and agent products are domestic and international famous brands. the main business products: guangdong tongde resin, curing japan, asahi kasei, japan dic (dic) synthetic resin, toyo aluminium silver slurry, borchers additives in germany, american knox wood and so on a series of products. the above products are our company is an agent.

     we based on the west, look to the national attention in the coatings industry for customers to supply high quality raw materials, along with the rapid development of coating industry, we will continue to optimize the product structure, improve product price, training and promotes the talented person troop, strengthen the management of the company, and one after another in the establishment of offices and companies, has been in chengdu, kunming, xi'an, guiyang to set up offices. we strive to become the best in the west, the national first-class paint raw materials trading company.

      the core value of chongqing's view is matsuo: fairness, justice, openness. business philosophy is: focus on professional. enterprise employing people view is: character, hard work, learning, innovation. we will be in the company's operations in the process of strict implementation of the above values and cultural ideas, please supervise us and promote our growth. your service satisfaction will be chongqing matsuo maximum confidence and the original power we continue to explore the market. we will earnestly operation, returns to shareholders, the rights and interests of maintenance supplier, ensure the employee's reasonable demand, to the customer to provide the best service perform the obligations to the state and society, become the industry one of the most respected companies to create and promote the construction of the coating raw materials service brand.